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The Red Rooster Drive-In

The Red Rooster Drive-In Brewster NY
Photos Taken: June 2010
Location: 1566 Route 22, Brewster, New York

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Long Island: The Fiberglass Rooster Conspiracy Continues

Fiberglass Rooster Long Island

Location: Medford, NY
Photos Taken: March 2010

This is fiberglass rooster number 4! I stumbled across this rooster tonight quite unexpectedly. It appears to be the same as the other 3 noted in the Del Buono’s Bakery post. Who makes these chickens?!?!

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Chicken Conspiracy? Del Buono’s Bakery Rooftop Chicken

Fiberglass Chicken Del Buono's Bakery New Jersey

Del Buonos Bakery Haddon Heights NJ Fiberglass Statues

Location: 319 Black Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, NJ
Photos Taken: February 2010
Google Maps: StreetView

Okay, I know – the photos are dark which is why I’ve not posted anything from the bakery yet. But, the evidence needs to be brought to light! These chickens/roosters are all the same! Martha’s Dandee Creme, Maryland Rooftop Chicken and now Del Buono’s Bakery Chicken. Clearly people are in the know on where to go to get one of these fiberglass cluckers. Who makes them?! How does one get privy to such knowledge? I need to know!

How great would it be to see an army of fiberglass chickens lined up like the Chinese Terracotta soldiers?

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Giant Rooftop Rooster – Chicken Looms Over Maryland

Fiberglass Rooster Maryland

Location: unknown – Maryland
Photos Taken: February 2010

Heading towards Ocean City, this rooftop chicken came into view. Somewhere, someone is cornering the market of making fiberglass chickens because this appears to be similar if not the same style as the one spotted at Martha’s Dandee Cream near Lake George and also atop Del Buono’s Bakery in New Jersey.

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