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Circus Drive-In Sign – Wall Township, NJ

Circus Drive-In Sign

The Circus Drive-In Restaurant
1861 New Jersey 35
Wall Township, NJ 07719
Photo Taken: July 2012

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Good Eats: The Hot Grill- Clifton, New Jersey

“World’s Tastiest Texas Weiners”

The Hot Grill Clifton NJThe Hot Grill Clifton NJ

Location: The Hot Grill – 669 Lexington Ave. Clifton, NJ
Photos Taken: February 2009

We’d passed the Hot Grill dozens of time while visiting my Aunt who lived just up the block in Clifton, NJ. It wasn’t until her passing that  I’d stopped in to experience the grill for myself. It was like one last gift that she gave me; a good laugh and  a smile. I ran down to grab a hot dog for my dad as the family began to gather. Not knowing anything about the goings-on of the Hot Grill I was treated to a place that had it’s own language and flavor. A neighborhood institution that can’t be faked or duplicated.

When I walked in, there was a mass of people standing spread out in front of the counter. The older gentleman behind the register would quietly take an order and then in a true Jekyll and Hyde moment, shout back to the grillmen with a purposed ferocity in a secret language. “Okay so that’s 2 Texas Weiners, honey?”  “2 ALL THE WAY!” It was a fascinating process to watch.

The sign out front proudly claims “The World’s Tastiest Texas Weiners.” We sat in the wood paneled dining room under a smaller sign that has an awesome typo: “World’s Testiest Texas Weiners.” :D

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Muffler Man: Jersey City As Seen on the Sopranos

Muffler Man Jersey City Pulaski Skyway Sopranos Wilson's Carpet
Location: Wilson’s Carpet – 220 Broadway, Jersey City, NJ
Photos Taken: August 2008

This Paul Bunyan stands holding his giant roll of carpet underneath the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City. He is featured in the opening credits sequence of the HBO show The Sopranos. Just a stones throw away stands a pair of Muffler Man pants without a torso!

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Vintage Sign: Draft Beer Mug – Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Beer Mug Sign Seaside Heights NJ Boardwalk

Location: Seaside Heights Boardwalk, New Jersey
Photo Taken: August 2008

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Muffler Man: Winslow, New Jersey Halfwit

Winslow New Jersey Muffler Man

Location: Mr. Bill’s Ice Cream – Winslow, New Jersey
Photos Taken: August 2008

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