Ghost Ad: Funeral Director Undertaker – Danbury, Connecticut

Fading Ad Ghost Ad Danbury Connecticut

Photos Taken: January 2010
Location: 113 Main St, Danbury, CT (Approx)
Google Maps StreetView

I can make out “Funeral Director” and “Undertaker”. I would love some help in identifying the words in the ad!  Click photo to enlarge~

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  1. #1 by WhiteWolf on July 12, 2010 - 6:17 am

    Hi not sure about the top could be Bellman or more likely Bellamy
    But this is the sequence

    J. Bellman or Bellamy
    Funeral Services
    Then Underneath
    Complete Home Furnishers

    Uuh… Undertaker and Home Furnishers some combination..
    Sounds like something from the Addams Family…

    So you would like a double coffin…
    Hmph lol…

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