Art Car: Psychedelic Party Bus Spotted on Long Island

Psychedelic Party Bus Long Island

Psychedelic Bus from Rob Thomas Someday Video

Location: Spotted on Long Island
Photos Taken: August 2006

I spotted this amazing bus at a garage getting a little bit of a tune-up one evening in 2006. It’s a real looker! So much to see in that fabulous paint job. (Be sure to click pics to enlarge)

While at home from work one afternoon, I happened to notice this super-psychedelic party bus was featured in the Rob Thomas video ‘Someday’. You can start catching glimpses of it around the 3:00 minute mark. Cool! View video on YouTube

Psychedelic Bus Rob Thomas Someday

In a side note: It’s kind of funny that they put a bikini top on the 2-headed mermaid on the bus doors :D

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